About Essential Oils

Essential oils are the natural, highly concentrated essences extracted from herbs including plants, shrubs, flowers, grasses, fruits, bushes, seeds, roots, trees, bark. These oils contain therapeutic properties used for their healing capabilities.

There is a balance in nature that can be accessed by consuming nutrient-dense whole food and minerals or inhaling or topically applying essential oils derived from plants. The balance of the plant helps to balance our bodies.Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have been known to help with:

Stress Support
Gut Health
Blood Sugar Balance

And so much more!


  • Oils are concentrated organic whole food plants and herbs offering nutrients that are difficult to find in a traditional diet
  • They support complex mind, body and emotional issues that are hard to address with diet and supplements alone
  • Easily assimilated via topical application or inhalation when digestion is impaired
  • Vegan option to supplements
  • Not contraindicated for medication
  • Simple and sustainable for young children and those who struggle to take supplements
  • Rarely have side effects

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