CBD Patch

Efficient Delivery:

The Select CBD Patch is designed to permeate all seven layers of the skin, releasing pure CBD hemp extract directly into the bloodstream.

Controlled Dosing:

The Select CBD Patch releases a steady dose of pure CBD hemp extract over 24 hours-just put the patch on and go. For further control, cut the patch in half to lower the dose over 24 hours. The transdermal patch can easily be removed and the effects will dissipate within 45-60 mins.

Testing & Delivery:

Each Select CBD Patch is tested at a state licensed and approved laboratory. All of our hemp materials are strictly tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and potency. Once our patch is made, it's then tested again to ensure consistency in dosage and potency.

Sweat & Water Resistant:

The Select CBD Patch is designed with your life in mind - activities like swimming, showering, and sweating will not affect the patch.